September 7th—9th, 2018:

Season opening of the Frankfurt galleries
Frank Mädler at Galerie-Peter-Sillem

The New York Times on Photo Basel, Frank Mädler, and the gallery:

A portrait of the fair by Nina Siegal

Galerie—Peter—Sillem at Photo Basel

June 12th—17th, 2018: Come and visit us at booth 21.

PHOTONEWS on Grit Schwerdtfeger's Buch ZEHN

New — an edition by Wolf Böwig:

Twelve copies containing twelve prints each

Denis Dailleux in Dummy:

German lifestyle magazine “Dummy” no. 58 (on sports) with a long photo essay from the series "Mères et Fils"

New Edition:

A print from Grit Schwerdtfeger's ZEHN together with the book in a handmade slipcase 

Feuilleton Frankfurt reviews Denis Dailleux:

“Égypte / Mères et Fils”

Journal Frankfurt reviews Denis Dailleux:

Anett Göthe on „Égypte / Mères et Fils“