Denis Dailleux was born in 1958 in Angers, France. He has published a series of photography books, portraying Egypt, Cairo, his impressions of the revolution, and Ghana. His photographs have been exhibited internationally in Paris, Marrakech,  Accra, and across the world. Dailleux has been awarded several international prizes, including the Monographies Award in 1997, the World Press Photo Award in the portraits category in 2000, the Hasselblad of the town Vevey Award in Switzerland in 2000, the Fujifilm Award of Festival Terre d'Images to Biarritz in 2001, and the World Press Photo Award 2014 in the staged portraits category (2nd). He is a member of Agence VU and currently lives in Paris. 

„Imbued with his distinctive delicacy, Denis Dailleux’s photographic work appears calm on the surface, yet is incredibly demanding, run through by an undercurrent of constant self-doubt and propelled by the essential personal bond he develops with those (and that which) he frames with his camera. His passion for people has naturally led him to develop portraiture as his preferred means of representing those whose true self he feels an urge to get closer to. Which he has, with actress Catherine Deneuve as well as with countless anonymous subjects from the slums of Cairo, working with the same discretion, waiting to get from his subjects what he is hoping they will offer him, without ever asking for it, simply hoping that it will happen.  That is how he has patiently constructed a unique portrait of his beloved Cairo to create, with black and whites of exemplary classicism and colors of rare subtlety, the definite alternative to the heaps of cultural and touristic clichés which clutter our minds.“ Christian Caujolle, Founder of Agence VU


Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

Égypte, Galerie 127 (Marrakech / Maroc)
Everliving Ghana, ArchiAfrica Gallery (Accra /Ghana)
Les gens de mon village, Festival ImageSingulières (Sète / France)

Ghana: We Shall Meet Again, Galerie Camera Obscura (Paris / France)
Égypte, Galerie Focale (Nyon / France)

L’Égypte de Denis Dailleux, Médiatheque (Conflans Sainte Honoré / France)

Denis Dailleux: Le Caire, Ghana, Musée Municipal (Angoulême / France)
Égypte, les martyrs de la révolution, Galerie fait et cause, Paris / France)
Mères et fils, Festival ImageSingulières (Sète / France)
Égypte, les martyrs de la révolution, Festival PHOTOMED (Sanary-sur-mer / France)

Mères et fils, Galerie du Passage, Pierre Passebon (Paris / France)
Du Nil dans mes veines, Centre d'Art Contemporain Photographique Niort (Niort / France)
Mémoire d’une révolution, Centre culöturel de la Visitation (Périgueux / France)

Egypte, claire et obscure, Bibliothèque départementale des Buches-du-Rhône (Marseille, France)
Mémoire d'une révolution, ManifestO Festival d'Images (Toulouse / France)

Que se passe-t-il là-bas?, M’gisserie (Saint Junion / France)
Les grafiitis du Caire, Centre Culturel Français (Alexandria / Egypt)
Ghana, Galerie Camera Obscura, (Paris / France)
Du Nil dans mes veines, Espace Saint-Cyprien (Toulouse / France).

Du Nil dans mes veines, Centre Méditerranéen de la Photographie (Bastia / France)

Denis Dailleux, Atelier Publimod (Paris / France)
Désir d’Égypte, Galerie 127 (Marrakech / Maroc)
Fils de roi, Portraits d’Égypte, Galerie Camera Obscura (Paris / France)

Le Caire et  Tante Juliette, Centre Atlantique de la Photographie (Brest / France)

Du Nil dans mes veines, Galerie du Passage (Paris / France)
Tante Juliette, La Filature (Mulhouse / France)

Le Caire, Traders Pip Gallery (Maastricht / Netherlands)

La mère du monde, Galerie Camera Obscura (Paris / France)

Suite Egyptienne, Atelier Publimod (Paris / France)

Le Caire, Atelier de Visu (Marseille / France)
Tante Juliette, Les Aubenades de la photographie (Aubenas / France)
La Caire, Institut Français de Barcelone (Barcelona / Spain)

Le Caire, La Gambille, ODDC (Saint-Brieuc / France)

Le Caire, Théatre Agora (Evry / France)
Le Caire, La Passerelle (Gap / France)

Habibi Cairo, Le Caire mon Amour, FNAC Montparnasse (Paris / France)
Habibi Cairo, Le Caire mon Amour, Galerie Camera Obscura (Paris / France)

Ma Grand-Tante FNAC Montparnasse (Paris / France)

Enfants des banlieues, Galerie du Jour Agnès B. (Paris / France)

Portrait Botanique, Nouveau Théatre (Angers / France)

Ma Grand-Tante et Les Gens de mon Village, Galerie l’Autre (Paris / France)


Awards (Selection) 

World Press Photo Award, category „Staged Portraits“ (2nd) for the series „Mères et Fils“

Prix Fujifilm du Festival "Terre d’images", Biarritz

World Press Photo Award, category "Portrait stories“. For the series „Mawlid, Cairo“
Prix Hasselblad de la ville de Vevey, Suisse

Prix “Monographies” des Editions Filigranes

Bourse du Fiacre du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication


Ghana. We Shall Meet Again, Le Bec en l’air, 2016
Égypte. Les Martyrs de la révolution, Le Bec en l’air, 2014
Impressions d'Egypte, La Martinière, 2011
Fils de Roi, Portraits d'Egypte, Gallimard, 2008
Le Caire, Le Chêne, 2001
Habibi Cairo, Filigranes, 1997

Collections (Selection)

Collection Agnès B.
Fond National d'Art Contemporain
Maison Européenne de la Photographie
Collection Neuflize Vie